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What about Forgiveness?

What do you do when someone sins against you? How do you forgive in a complete way when you don’t even feel like forgiving yet? Karen Rabbitt, an award winning author, a psychotherapist with 20 years experience and the author of Trading Fathers, speaks on the biblical process of forgiveness.

The Book of Romans: Paul

What made Paul special and what can we learn from the life of the author of Romans? Paul had several characteristics that emulate Christ and we should model in our lives. Using the acronym CHIP we take a look the courage, humbleness, integrity, and pray life of Paul.

The Book of Romans: Overview

In order to understand the book of Romans we need to get a little background of Rome, the Church in Rome, Paul, and why Paul chose to write the letter. Aside from knowing this information it helps to keep in mind that Paul is addressing doctrine which we should apply, learn to balance the tension of extremes and share the Gospel as presented by Paul.