Tie-Dye Saturday – Makers & Mentors

Our next Makers & Mentors will be September 9, with Tie-Dye Saturday.
It includes a cookout in Monticello and a chance to spend some time
getting to know others.

Any questions or ideas for the future, email annyoung@mchsi.com.

Tie-Dye Saturday

September 9, 11:00 am

This isn’t the dip in buckets kind I learned as a kid, but a more accurate method of putting the dye where you want it.

Cassandra Dunham will be our instructor for this skill.

We will meet in Monticello at Ann Young’s home at 411 N. Fisler Road.

This activity can include children ages 6 and up with an adult.

We need to know how many people to plan for, so sign up by Sunday, Sept. 3.


  • Gloves to protect hands from the commercial dye,
  • 1 or 2 items to dye (must be prewashed, no softener). They do not have to be 100% cotton
  • Patience —you won’t be able to untie and see your finished project for 24 hours!

Because you came all the way to Monticello and this process won’t take too long, we will also have a cookout. Weather permitting the fire pit will be available and we will provide hot dogs and s-mores fixings. You can bring a side to share, but not required.