At Kids’ Life we strive to create an environment where relationships are the focus.

First and foremost we teach, model and promote a growing personal relationship with Jesus our creator and redeemer. We believe raising young people passionate for Jesus is vital to the health of the church. We recognize that it’s our little ones today that will serve as the future leaders of the church tomorrow.  We are excited to invest our time and energy in their lives knowing Biblically sound young people are the hope for the future.

Second, we encourage and foster relationships among the children so they can grow in community together. Finally, we encourage our classroom teachers and volunteers to forge life-long relationships with the kids they serve.

Together, young and old, we are the church and together we do the stuff Jesus empowered us to do.

Kids’ Life is the children’s program during the Sunday morning service.

Kristen Pritts is the Kids’ Life Director and she is assisted by Penny Moisson.